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Environmenta l Sanitation Section

To Strengthen Environment Hygiene and Prevent Diseases

  Consolidating environmental hygiene is always linking with the environment quality of the residents. Only by living in a clean environment, residents can be happy. The County operates in cooperation with each environmental hygiene project proposed by the authority and strengthens education in environmental hygiene, so that public virtue can be awakened. If all residents can love ones home as well as others, no selfishness would exist. As a result, all residents will pay much attention to environmental hygiene positively. Causing pollution will be punished. The system of managing vacant land and dirty places will be founded. Public toilets should be maintained and repaired regularly. Dirty and clean public toilets should be made known to the public in a timely basis, so that public toilet hygiene can be respected.

  Strengthening the prevention of Denger Fever and diseases caused by mosquitoes, particularly between July and August while Denger Fever is widespread. July is the month for promoting the prevention of Denger Fever. All residents are asked to clean their residences in order to prevent the proliferation of mosquitoes. All staff at the Environmental Protection Office often lead the promotion of preventing the proliferation of mosquitoes. They expect that all residents can value this important work and that Denger Fever in this County can be prevented.


The Classification of Garbage and Recycling Resources

  For a green and new century, the reduced quantity of garbage and recycling resources are the most important works for the County. The garbage crisis has to be solved by all residents and authorities; otherwise, the goal cannot be reached. The four in one project of recycling resources run by the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Executive Yuan will be actively implemented in the County.

  All residents, the main person in charge of recycling, a team of garbage collectors, as well as the Tzun/Li and community development association will take care of the recycling of resources. All residents are encouraged to participate in this activity..

  The traditional recycling of resources will be improved. New and convenient resource recycling methods could reduce the burden of the proprietors and enhance the opportunity of recycle businesses. It also increases employment opportunities. The effects of recycling resources can be increased and the target of environmental protection and resource sustainability can be reached.

  Based on current statistics, 40% for reproduction can be found in the garbage recycle. Among them 25% has the value for recycle. If recycled resources could be well classified, the environmental burden can be decreased and the cost of cleaning garbage can also be reduced. The County estimates that zero growth of garbage can be reached before 2001, i.e. 3% of the recycle rate could be reached from the recycled resources and the rate of reducing quantity of garbage could be more than 3%.  

This is also the future goal of the Environmental Protection Bureau towards the reducing garbage. The County expects that the growth of garbage can be negative in 2002. With this target, the life span of the incinerator and landfill can be extended, due to the reducing quantity of garbage. The most important thing is that the manpower and expense of garbage disposal can be largely lowered and the resource recycling can then be sustainable.  

The Welfare of the Garbage Collection Team and Garbage Truck

  For reaching the efficiency of garbage disposal, a subsidy was given to eliminate old garbage trucks and encourage the purchase of new ones for each Hsiang/Tzen/City. Forty-two garbage trucks were subsidized from December 1997 and ten more garbage trucks will be subsidized in 2002 (each five of eight and 12 cubic meters).  

In consideration of the facility applied to the garbage truck, the County also subsidized NTD20 million for ten modern garbage trucks that would be excellent help for each Hsiang/Tzen/City by allowing garbage disposal to be more efficient. In the future, an annual budget will be planned for renewing the facility of the garbage truck.  

All welfare of the garbage collection team will be acquired, such as bonus, working uniform, health check, accidental relief fund, and pension. Measures of labor security will be strengthened, so that the work of the team will be guaranteed and efficiency can be enhanced.