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Units and Contact_上方廣告資訊

Units and Contact

Organizational Chart
The Environmental Protection Bureau has 1 Director-general, 1 Deputy Director-general,1 Technical Specialist, and 1 Secretary.
A.The internal unit of the Environmental Protection Bureau is called “Section(Office)” and has 1 Section Chief
(Office Chief) .

1.Planning Section
2.Air Pollution Control Section
3.Water Pollution Control Section
4.Waste Management Section
5.Environmental Sanitation Section
6.Low-carbon Environmental  Development Section
7.Inspector Section
8.General Affair Office
9.Personnel Office
10.Accounting Office
11.Civil Service Ethics Office


Planning Section

 Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
 Enviromental education and promotion
 Information management
 Handling of public nuisance disputes
 EIA monitoring and other projected affairs

Air Pollution Control Section

 Air Pollution Control
 Noise and vibration control and other affairs about air pollution

Water Pollution Control Section

 Water pollution control
 Heat pollution control
 Soil and under water pollution control and
 Ocean pollution control
 Water quality control
 Drinking water management and other affairs about water pollution

Waste Management Section

 Waste management and recycling
 Refuse Disposal
 Incineration plant and regional landfill management and other affairs about general waste

Environmental Sanitation Section

 Management of Environmental Sanitation
 Management of toxic chemical substance
 Management of environmental agents and other affairs about environment sanitation

Low-carbon Environmental  Development Section

 Constructing a “Low-carbon Homeland”
 Low-carbon Technology and Economic Theories and Policies
 Promoting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Tasks
   Promoting the Use of Green Energy (Resources) Technology
   Collecting and Applying International Information regarding Environmental Protection


Inspector Section

 Handling of public nuisance petitions