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Low-carbon Environmental Development Section

  1. Main Responsibilities and Scopes of Work of "Low-carbon Environment Development Section"
(A)Constructing a “Low-carbon Homeland”:
Take local conditions into consideration, and construct a “Low-Carbon Homeland” for towns and villages in Pingtung County based on six aspects: ecological greening, green energy saving, green transport, resource recycling, low-carbon life and sustainable management in order to achieve the vision of low-carbon cities and countries.
(B) Low-carbon Technology and Economic Theories and Policies:
On account of the reason that the 102 types of action projects contained in the six operational functions are complicated, and that the costs of operating these action projects differ, integrated evaluation methods are adopted for the execution and promotion of action projects. With the help of the integrated methods, it is hoped that the low-carbon industry can be further developed, and a low-carbon recycling economy model can be created.
(C) Promoting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Tasks:
Continuously check and put the main sources of emission of the county into the inventory. Plan the Greenhouse Gas Emission Project for Pingtung County as the basis of fulfilling the emission trade of Greenhouse gas. This is in order to achieve the targets of reducing Greenhouse gas emission substantially.
(D) Promoting the Use of Green Energy (Resources) Technology:
Promote feasible green energy technology in various communities in towns and villages to gradually change the people's current living styles. Increase individual and industries’ willingness to engage in green lifestyle with substantial facilities or equipment, increase people's acceptance and other green energy technologies for industrial development.
(E) Collecting and Applying International Information regarding Environmental Protection:
Due to Taiwan’s special international status, it is hoped that the outcomes of developing green energy in Pingtung County can be served as opportunities to enhance international communication internationally. It is also anticipated that Pingtung County can have more chances to attend international NGOs which focus on environmental protection, and create additional values of green energy.
  1. Expected Benefits
The main scopes of work of the section include making strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation, greenhouse gas reduction and management, greenhouse gas inventory for industries, cross-office integration and coordination, participation and expansion of international affairs, promotion of the “Low-carbon Sustainable Homeland Certification’ project, building sustainable environments for communities, and so on. The establishment of the section will be effective in the division of powers and responsibilities, and the section can communicate with related sections in central government as the main authority. This is beneficial in converging and integrating projects which are originally distributed to other separated sections. In doing so, the section can realize all the low-carbon measurements in each villages and towns in Pingtung County, and speed up towards the vision of low-carbon homeland.