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General Waste Management Section

Clearing Up Illegal Discard Sites

  The Result of Clearing Up Waste at the Illegal Discard Site

  Numerous wastes at illegal discard sites have been found in the County since 1996. The County magistrate led the relevant supervisors to the Environmental Protection Bureau several times in order to acquire the cleaning budget for clearing up the illegal discard site and assure that the lives of residents in the neighborhood will not be threatened.

  The disposal of mud that contains heavy metals and the collected dust at Chi-shan-yian, Hsin-yuan Hsiang is nearly complete. Mercury mud will be disposed by the Formosa Plastics Corporation. They have relevant devices and the experience to do the job properly. The detailed investigation project of a site at Hsing-an-duan, Wan-dan Hsiang is done and presently the Industrial Technology Research Institute is having the trial dig for the first period. If everything is goes well, by the end of the year a complete dig can be implemented through an open tender.

  In order to understand whether the lives of residents in the neighboring are threatened by the pernicious waste, the County will exam the urine, blood, and groundwater of the residents and check the living area of Hsin-yuan Hsiang, Wan-dan Hsiang and Hsin-bi Hsiang regularly. Fortunately, so far there are no unusual findings found in the reports.


Management of Industrial Waste

  Due to rapid growth in the economy, the quantity of various industrial wastes increased markedly and the components become complicated as well. More cases of wastes at illegal discard sites can be found and it is important for the County to strengthen the inspection and control the circulation of the industrial waste that already clearing up and maintain the environmental hygiene.

  The County is active in counseling the proprietors on how to dispose of industrial waste and register its circulation on Net based on regulations, as well as operate in coordination with each project run by the authority and punish proprietors who break the law. If it involves in criminal responsibility, the proprietor should be sent to the Procurator’s Office of District Court for punishment based on the Waste Disposal Act. Eight cases have been punished until today and this punishment holds back the illegal discard.

  According to the waste treatment regulations, there are private/public proprietors who are in charge of disposal, i.e. 44 institutes of waste clean, one institute of A class waste disposal (disassembling household waste electric equipment), one institute of B class waste disposal (compost treatment), one institute of issuing license and one institute of the remaining quantity treatment (the medical waste treatment device at Co., Ltd. in Pingtung County). In coordination with the operation of the garbage incinerator at Kan-ding and the garbage landfill at waste can be solved.

  According to the Project of the National Industrial Waste Control and Clearing Up that approved by the Executive Yuan, the future management policy will be to implement the registration system of waste treatment on Net properly, inspect the proprietors and audit the authorized waste disposal, so that the circulation of industrial waste can be well controlled and a high level of environmental hygiene can be well maintained


General Waste Treatment

  The policy of garbage treatment in the County mainly depends on garbage incineration at Kan-ding plant and hygiene landfill since January 2000. In the future, the incinerator and hygiene landfill will be the two methods of waste disposal. After the official operation of the garbage incinerator at Kan-ding starting, the garbage problem of the County can be completely solved.

  The County is also actively building a transfer post for southern and northern districts in Pingtung, so that all the garbage of Hsiang and Tzen can be sent to the incinerator easily. If the incinerator stops running, the hygiene landfill can then be used for further disposal. Under this circumstance, the project of constructing a district hygiene landfill will be continued. If all projects can be completed the County expects that civil protest against garbage will not happen any more.